Part 1

Loving where you live is pretty easy when that place is called Scotland. An abundance of wild lands, rugged coastline and an outdoor access codes that leaves us free to roam on our very own adventure playground.

Every adventure is navigating the decisions of planning, weather forecasts, and maps. I truly wish I executed my daily life in the same way as I do when out paddling. The stunning coastline with white-tipped mountains,  Jacobite history,  incredible origami style rock formations and curious seals within 20 mins the worries of yesterday have disappeared. It is February and there is a feeling of spring in the air. As fairly normal with this time of year, a fast-approaching snowstorm hits us and the memory of the sun on our backs quickly disappears. We make the decision to find our shelter for the night. Overthinking can be dangerous at times in the wild, sometimes, the most effective way is to go with your gut instinct. Commit, without overthinking things, act without hesitation. As always somehow you always know in your gut.

To be continued…

Images: Rachel Keenan  

Words: Barry Wallace


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